Sunday, November 6, 2011

MK is 5 months

Marlee Kate, MK, Marlee Cake, Mar Mar Tate...whatever the name of the day you are amazing! You are rolling over front to back and back to front...i do believe you are teething because you are a drool monster these days! You have brought so much joy to our lives. I love watching Saylor with sibling jealousy there ;) yet! We love you Mar Mar

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Moment To Breathe...

wow! way too long since i have been on here! no time! things have been super busy with our new family of 5! maddy in 1st grade..saylor almost 2, and sweet MK is 3 months tomorrow!

my big girl on her first day of 1st grade!

S P O I L E D! and she knows it...and gets away with it

thank you maddy for making me a momma

God made her so beautiful so i wouldn't put her on the curb...she is a handful!

switching gears..has anyone been to sugar snap pea?
on king street..upper king...very cute store! sweet onsies for girls, adorable things for boys and some awesome gift ideas for that girlfriend who is expecting! i was downtown today and picked up some things for the younger 2 girls..don't worry...maddy never gets left out! she scored some uber-trendy things at forever 21 (jean vest!) and some tops at SSP! here are some of the items that made it home:

cute, huh?! yep! i think so too :)


Monday, March 28, 2011

fun sunday in the hospital.....

i have a problem with sitting still. i am always up and going...even at night when i should be 'resting' i find it awful to just sit and watch tv while i could be doing laundry, cleaning the playroom, organizing..anything! especially after the girls go to sleep and i can get it all done without stopping!

well all weekend i kept having contractions...mostly braxton hicks...but some were painful. they were coming every 4 minutes. so, called the doc and she wanted to run a few tests and make sure everything was a-ok. it's heartbeat was great, and the contractions weren't strong enough to induce labor (thank God).
so know i feel kinda bad about all the complaining i did in my last post. i will take all of that times a million to stay pregnant for 8 more weeks! keep little mk in your prayers + me too :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

dear bladder, you suck!

ok. so i am 29 weeks preg with mk. i am over it. ready to meet this little girl, i know she still needs time to cook, and in the words of juno 'get a little cuter'. and that is fine. but this being my 3rd pregnancy, it is taking a toll on my body, mind, and spirit! let me explain:

 i have some crazy itchy rash on my legs...hurts like hell. nothing helps. so not only are my legs a lovely whitish/purple from no sun/tanning bed, they are covered in red itchy devil dots. barf.

back to the whitish/purple is so gross. i need sun in a bad way. i would lather myself in fake tanner, but i don't want to make the devil bumps worse.

bladder, i hate you....a lot. i literally had my keys in my hand going to walk out the door, and thought 'hmm..i should empty this thing', so i did. drove 1 mile to publix to get my now needed 325mg iron! then all of a sudden...bam....had to pee. wait? what? i just peed like less than 6 minutes ago. bladder..go to effing hell.

my mind is going a zillion miles a minute..not like that is new...but usually it is focused on one thing. nope. not anymore. now it is my store, leaving my store when i have mk, my store surviving while i am in lala baby land, rv's, getting the hubs everything he needs for this weeks crisis with rv's, kids, summer camps (which suck ass in planning), my carb intake, making everyone happy, red devil bumps, going out of town...wouldn't this make you tired too?  but no. i am so exhausted when i go to bed...i can't sleep. at all. sigh.......

hubs thinks i am crazy. crazy as shit. fine...maybe i am right now. i thought i had all this time in the world to get everything ready and prepared for mk. no..went to the doctor monday and i am measuring 2 weeks early. huh? so, is my baby huge or did you mis-calculate, doc? so will i have mk in late may? or when i get to my due date will i be 2 weeks 'late'? i don't get all. whatev..i will cross that road later.

i just don't feel like myself sometimes. crying, itching, peeing.....ahh....lovely.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Saylor the Primate?

Ok, so after about 4 months of crazy up and down behavior from Miss Say Say, I downloaded Harvy Kemp's Happiest Toddler on the Block. He is the same genius behind Happiest Baby on the Block, which I did read when Maddy was born. So, I start reading the first chapter and laugh out loud when he refers to toddlers as 'Primates'..seriously? Ok, Harvey, I might see where you are going with this.
Saylor is so sweet and too cute for words, but she has a Temper like NO OTHER....AND she clings to my leg like a piece of Velcro..won't let me walk 2 feet with out falling in the floor crying because I didn't pick her dare you go to the bathroom without taking me. I pray this book helps me with her...and it would be super nice if all this could transform in the next 12 weeks, because Marlee Kate will be here, and lets face it...don't want this new kid coming into the world thinking she lives with primates!

yes...she is primate

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wish This Was MY Dining Room

ran across this picture and caught myself staring at it for a while...then i snapped out of everything about it...errrrrrthing..turqoise, yellow & chevron stripes..yes please!